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1930's Packards - need advice on oil filtration

G'day all, I have over 60 old motor bikes from 1907 to 1970, also 8 Packards from 1927 to 1956. The bikes are not a problem as they leak oil from every conceiveable joint and every ride involves new oil to top up. The Packards, Rolls etc are the big worry as the engine rebuilds are up to $20,000. The Packards run by-pass filters from 1927 and I would appreciate some advice on the filtration size ( I have heard 6 Micron but nothing about efficiency). The 1938 Supers and Twelves ( I have 3 Supers and Lionel Barrymore's Twelve) run a full flow filter (i'm guessing 10 Micron). Later Packards run by-pass filters Wix/FrAM napa 1080. MY QUESTIONS ARE?
1. Does anyone have any factual advice on the efficiency of the by-pass filters typically fitted to these old cars.
2. What efficiency inmprovement could I expect in switching to a modern full-flow or by-pass system. I need the response to be a comparative factual statement, not merely a sales pitch.
Finally, There appears to be a very solid level of knowledge on this site and I would appreciate any advice on the subject.
Best regards from Down Under Peter Toet


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