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Reply to "2 Cycle Oil as 4 Cycle Engine Fuel Additive"

Originally posted by Big Bear:
Before using MMo in the fuel I like to run a bottle of fuel injector cleaner followed by a Maintenance Dose of MMO. It is important to make sure the fuel system is clean.

A Maintenance Dose of MMO will do many things:

1) Lube the fuel system
2) Upper Cylinder Lubricant
3) Keep fuel injectors clean

The 2-Cycle Oil is just going to be a top end lube, it has no cleaning abilities and it will not keep the fuel system clean like MMO.

Since using MMO I have noticed a 2 m.p.g. improvement, I feel the MMO is keeping the valves sealed and clean as well as keeping the fuel injectors free of carbon.

Good advise, my dad has been adding MMO to gas since before I was born, and has lots of stories about MMO and its benefits. I have a Bitog buddy that swears by it as well. I think todays crappy gas needs all the help it can get.