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Reply to "2 Cycle Oil as 4 Cycle Engine Fuel Additive"

Originally posted by Captain Kirk:

The PI additive is an expensive cleaner at best. Why not just purchase techron plus when it's on sale half price. It also has some level of lubricity. Does the PI have any lubricity?

Using a good fuel lube on a consistent basis at the proper dose certainly can't hurt....MMO,LUCAS,OR TCW3(680:1 RATIO).

I also use the Sta-bil marine grade that helps solve ethanol issues,along with about 3 oz of acetone per 10/gallon of fuel which gives me a consistent fuel economy increase of 10% that easily covers the additive cost AND THEN SOME.....for many years now with no ill effects at all.

Acetone is actually relatively mild compared to some other fuel additives,including gasoline itself. Some fuel additives like B-12 chem-tool already have acetone in the mix.


Any one additive by itself won't yield the's the synergistic effects of the combination of two or more additive with the acetone,but Sta-bil must be used in the mix. Sta-bil by itself won't yield 10% or even 1%.......Acetone + Stabil =10%.

Good info Kirk! My buddy in NY pretty much summed up PI the same way you have. Expensive cleaner at best, and he wasn't impressed with it at all. He said if you really want a good cleaner and UCL to buy the Red Line product. It is both a cleaner and a UCL, and can be added at 1.5 ounces/10 galls of gas, for full time use.

Me I'll stick to a good FI cleaner twice a year and 4 ounces of MMO/10 gallons of gas. At less than $4 a qt at Wally Mart MMO is a deal!