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Reply to "2 Cycle Oil as 4 Cycle Engine Fuel Additive"

Me too Tim. Like I said the documentation has been more or less my own personal tracking of certain parameters results. Solely based on volunteers input.

I would ask you though.....When I started the TCW3 project I had no idea it would go viral. Google TCW3. We had over 1900 links (from different forums) back to the original thread. My point is very difficult to ignore thousands of personal postings sharing their personal experience using it (TCW3 in fuel) in their cars. Impossible to "create" would you not agree?

I see your the Amsoil Dealer Warrior on here....I get it now .....

Look Tim...I am not selling nor advocating anything. I am just documenting results. Separating chatter from real world results. I do it on many automotive items from "Magic Spark Plugs" to "Magic Oil Additives". Been doing it for years.

Not big on "sponsored" marketing test results from paid "experts"....I am a simple guy and like thousands of anonymous users testimony. Users with no distributorship agendas. Just regular folks.

Use what you wish Tim.

And for the record I am the one that invited (through Pablo) CompSyn to simply because I am an advocate of Amsoil products. Not as a "across the board" solution to every application but a great company with good products. You want to verify who I am? Only I,Pablo and CompSyn know that fact. Ask them.

The internet....sheesh.....this is why I semi retired from it.