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Reply to "2 Cycle Oil as 4 Cycle Engine Fuel Additive"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Tim Vipond:
How is Redline SI-1 cheaper than PI, when Redline recommends adding in every tank of gas, and PI is recommended every 4,000 miles. Redline is WAY more expensive.


Redline is to be used with every tankful for the benfit of adding much needed lube to todays 'dry' and damaging fuel,and to maintain consistant fuel injector spray patterns.

After all Tim,would you eat junk food for several months and then load up on health food for one day to fix the damage the junk food has done to your body. The smart money is on a consistant daily healthy diet as a means to stay healthy all the time.

Just a short duration of poor fuel economy can be costly,therefore....the redline might actually pay for itselt in the long maintaining an ideal injector spray pattern,lubeing the fuel,and preventing drivabilty and fuel economy issues.

Prevention is the best maintenance! Dirty or clogged injectors can be impossible to clean once they get bad enough with conventional on car cleaning techniques.

This is what one should try to avoid because it's costly and sometimes the only alternative to new injectors.

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