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Reply to "2 Cycle Oil as 4 Cycle Engine Fuel Additive"

Originally posted by Tim Vipond:
Why not use a product formulated specifically for your purpose such as ?

Why in the hell is this even mentioned? It is not a 2cycle oil.

Can we *ever* have a thread about oil without it turning into a sales pitch for amsoil?

I mean, c'mon... amsoil doesn't even make a TC-W3 rated oil.

Are amsoil sales that bad that some guy has to push the product in every thread.

And when I do use an injector cleaner, it's Gumout Regane. Which works well. And I can get it at Walmart for <$5.

Or, I could follow Tim logic and use Techron. Which, unlike PI, is recommended by an auto maker.

Go here and tell them. maybe you'll get a few bites Tim.

You'll have a much wider audience there and in the LS1 forum thread.

But I suspect you'll get bit instead.

ps, None of the amsoil sellers there are pushing their product, yelling the sales mantra.
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