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Reply to "2 Cycle Oil as 4 Cycle Engine Fuel Additive"

Originally posted by Sarge:
I see this forum has been infected with the Vipond Virus also.
Tens of thousands of people have logged their results all over the internet utilizing TCW3. Vipond keeps asking me for a "report" and I keep telling him to go read all over the internet. He jabber talks to Shell (inferring to put the TCW3 into the crankcase) then post they do not recommend it. No I doubt they do Smile I doubt they would recommend putting it into gasoline for a 4stroke either Timmy what?
Vipond...if you do not wish to use TCW3 in your fuel then by all means do not. But to try and argue it is doing some kind of damage or is not providing results to the thousands of people who have positive results and have posted is just insane. Just keep trolling Amsoil on every forum (that you haven't been banned from yet).............Oh well....this guy does more damage to Amsoil than any Amsoil hater ever would.

Welcome back Sarge! TCW3 working well for me, and in the GF's Jeep. My beater idles better with it in the gas, to the point where I can tell when it isn't in the gas. I had similar observations with MMO but the TCW3 is cheaper!

While on leave for the Holidays I didn't bring any on my road trip. NOT GOOD SARGE! I started adding as soon as I got back to Bermerton and the idle is nice and smooth again. Sorry I didn't log mpg.