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Reply to "2 Cycle Oil as 4 Cycle Engine Fuel Additive"

A great many products have been discovered to have uses outside what it was originally designed for. (When the screws holding the arms on my glasses kept coming off, I used nail polish on them. And they stayed put.)

I remember back in the day of slowly pouring ATF into the carb while the engine was running. Cleaned things out.

The problem that I see here is the following. Using TC-W3 oil as a fuel add is money not being spent on an Amsoil product.

Demands are being made for "offical" documentation. Which is nonsense, as this is not marketed toward 4 cycle engines.

Many, many, people use this in their gas. I've been doing this for more than a year. I still have the original cat. I still have the original engine. I used Fuel Power in my 97 Camaro.

All of which had no ill effect.

Now I hate to break it to Tim, but no oil company in the world is going to endorse using fuel additives, unless of course it is one they make.

Now, a smart salesman/woman would say "Lots of people are using TC-W3 in their gas. There must be something to this. I better start telling my company they should get in on this."

A smart one would anyway.

Here's a question. Where is the documentation that says use of TC-W3 oil as a fuel additive will wreck the fuel system/engine/emissions.

This Amsoil uber alles is just so much claptrap when one consideres all the viable alternatives.