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Reply to "2 Cycle Oil as 4 Cycle Engine Fuel Additive"

Originally posted by Trajan:

Now I hate to break it to Tim, but no oil company in the world is going to endorse using fuel additives, unless of course it is one they make.

Now, a smart salesman/woman would say "Lots of people are using TC-W3 in their gas. There must be something to this. I better start telling my company they should get in on this."

A smart one would anyway.

Here's what a smart salesman would say: People are using TCW3 added to gas with good results. Although it isn't mentioned on the label, and the company hasn't officially endorsed it, it works. Google it and see for yourself. If you think its something you'd like to try it? I can hook you up.

Simple, effective selling. It would be hard for TV now because he'd look like a fool to make an about face like that. His loss, or he'd be pushing TCW3 here, so its one less Amsoil product he's pushing here on us.