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Reply to "4-Ball Wear Test- Slick Marketing ?"

Well, I suppose that I am misunderstood.
I didn't try exactly to defend Amsoil's testing policy. Just wanted to show that ASTM D 4172 testing method is appropriate for oils (too) what is different opinion than of some "speakers" (not only from this thread). Results shouldn't be the most important ones (definitely) but why not to be included in oil technical data list as one (more) index of anti-wear characteristics. Particularly if it is comparative oil test.
If that method is exclusively designated for greases and (other than Amsoil) manufacturers are well aware of that fact they (strictly) shouldn't test any oil if they still want to be counted as prestigious company.

Let me to ask something: why would be that test method good for (Chevron) compressor oils and unthinkable for motor oils? Working conditions are different but there are some similarities such as: fast moving parts, tight tolerances, raised temperatures, oxygenation, ..., friction, wear, oil degradation,...

I wouldn't speculate now about tampered test results because it will completely change point of this (and some others) thread. We shouldn't start discussion about who is posting false results, who not because all of oil manufacturers are able to do it. What would be our qualifiers to determine that company X is prone to post false results while company Y is not?

Completely agreeable are posts about different marketing tactics. All manufacturers have some "jewels". Castrol with "full synthetic" Syntec which actually is not synthetic, Mobil with being "the first major oil company to introduce a line of high-endurance motor oils designed for longer oil change intervals" (up to whole 15.000 miles!), Pennzoil with full synthetic oil made of petroleum oil and just few drops of (synthetic lubricant) pennzane in a bottle, ...

What would be worse hoax - posting an achieved real results of (let's say inappropriate) testing at first place of some advertising campaign or deceive customers with completely false statement?
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