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Reply to "Amsoil EAO vs PureONE"

This debate is turning into the battle of Snake oil salesmen. It isn't hard to find out who is a Amsoil dealer from the way some of these responses are phrased. I was, in fact, a previous Amsoil dealer and quit because I don't buy into the pyramid scheme of Amsoil and the way they do business.

To Summarize the arguments up to this point:

Amsoil dealers claim that Amsoil filter is the end all filter that lasts up to 25,000 miles or 1 year which ever comes first.

PureONE is one of the best filters that supposedly doesn't last as long (mileage) but does a better job of filtering for the duration of its intended use as compared to Amsoil's EaO. (Filter quality vs. Duration compromise)

What if one doesn't drive anywhere near 25,000miles in one year duration and is it not economical to go Amsoil if this is the case?

*Amsoil dealer* - EaO is the best filter out there bar none, use it anyways.
*Conventional economics* - why bother paying the mark up, membership, tax, and shipping if you are going to ditch the car in 2-3 years (statistically)?

Amsoil dealers have to fight or argue against conventional wisdom to sell because that is their job so keep that in mind regardless of what is the best for the end-user. This is how I was taught and this is how they all come.

Tim Vipond is the voice of Amsoil while RobertC is the voice of conventional wisdom and I am the OP who thinks the following:

Why bother with oil filters if you buy cars that are made to last only 50,000-100,000 miles? Do all the calculations before making such a costly investment such as purchasing Amsoil and buying all sorts of special filters, pre-chargers (pre-lube units), by-pass filters (useless on non-Diesels and useless of Diesels for the most part), and all this other fancy oil by-products.

The world is trying to shift AWAY from oil and all the dependencies and not TOWARDS. Production electric cars are no longer a dream and no longer a dead beat like the EV1 as they are just around the corner with Nissan and Chevy releasing a few in 2011. Once Carbon Taxing kicks in the demand for hybrids and electrics will rise. Argument for Amsoil and oil-company side is that there will always be a demand for oil and by-products but there will be considerably LESS. Sure there will still be fleets and sure there will still be ICE-engines but that is fading. Amsoil dealers and the like will be at each others necks to grab whats left of the remaining customers who either don't have enough money for a hybrid (bogus because the Honda Insight's starting price is around $20k and does 41mpg combined - or econ diesel VW Polo (71mpg diesel).

I don't agree with either Tim Vipond or RobertC 100% because 3000 mile oil change is too extreme as most of the owners manuals says otherwise (5k+) and some cars (GM) that have oil change indicators based on acidity and various other engine factors end up changing their oil around 10k mark on DINO, yes read that right, DINO oil. On the other hand claiming Amsoil is the end all oil is nonsense. Amsoil has been around for a while now and if this were true then more people would be on the Amsoil team but they aren't because not everyone likes the idea of ordering oil from someone else through a pyramid scheme.

Let me present a final perspective on products that claim to save you money at the same time save the world. Suppose Tim Vipond made us all believers and we all reverted to Amsoil (this is impossible but lets assume that is it true). We all give big companies like Mobil the middle finger and switch our car's diet from changing the oil in our cars at 25,000miles instead of say 5,000miles (sorry RobertC). With Amsoil's claim of better engine protection, etc etc now our cars are running better, less gunk, less problems, less visits to the quick lube and the garage for Engine, transmission repairs, etc. We now consume 5 times less the motor oil as before and Dino oil is a thing of the past and synthetic reigns king. This saved us the money and also saves the Earth from unnecessary oil pollution and oil production. What is the consequence of such an action? Big oil takes a big hit, job loss there, quick lubes find little or no business even if they attempt to change Amsoil they would be down 5 times in frequency of customer visits, garages get less business engine related, job loss. Where does the money then go if we all use Amsoil? Albert J. Amatuzio and all the Direct Jobbers of the Month while a group of hopeless individuals who see Amsoil as the best thing since a slice of bread busts their butt to try to earn a pretty penny off of commissions.

MLM and let a few group of elites who have been in the game longer than everyone else win or allow the small local garages, national chains, and big oil dominate?

It is a hard call but those who truly claim that they want to save the Earth should quit using oil all together and get an electric car or the next best thing. (Coal,gas,Nuclear vs. Petroleum)

The debate goes on but I want to see more arguments backed up with REAL NUMBERS and not this "I use Amsoil/Mobil 1 and I think you should use it too." Give me a break.