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Reply to "Amsoil EAO vs PureONE"

Originally posted by Tim Vipond:
[I don't doubt the product as I am a retired Shell Oil chemist.

Phew! Now I can finally sleep at night. Can Amsoil just do a test on every level and kill all the other oils out there and be done with it? I don't see such a test with Amsoil winning in all categories.

So entertain me on this notion: What happens if you run 25,000 miles or 1 year which ever comes last? (i.e. if over one year run until 25k or more with UOA) The point is the SELL the oil and to cover one's own rear end by putting a safe warranty period. In reality if a Dino oil can go beyond 3000miles how much can Amsoil be pushed? This is advisable only under UOA as claimed by Amsoil but I am sure 30k is not unreasonable. Then what about 35k? You sell less when people use the oil for longer, period. You make even more money by having a UOA lab take tells people they need to change the oil when in reality the testing mechanism is so inconsistent with oil from the same batch that they had no clue themselves! This is America! Come on! Money, money, money!

I am surprised Mr.Synlube (Miro Kefurt) didn't chime in to promote his product the never changing oil and filter (that is basically a old Amsoil pre-EaO). What is the point of Amsoil when you can use a oil that never needs changing but only additional additives and periodic filter replacement?

Synlube is brought into consideration because you representing Amsoil knocks on all the "inferior" oils and since Synlube claims to be better than oils that need changing it is then the "superior" oil to Amsoil.
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