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Reply to "Amsoil EAO vs PureONE"

Ebola, you misinterpret my intentions. Or I'm stupid waiting for my day shift guy to show....

I do NOT advocate or believe in short oil changes except under conditions where a manufacturer is noted for claiming out of warranty issues. And once that warranty is up, I'll extend the hell outta it.

In short, I'll glady go 25,000. Glady, I hate changing oil.

I won't do so with inferior products.


You claim EaOs are better because they use Donaldsons patent.

Where is the independent proof that says that one is the best?

You ask for independent testing of a PureOne.

Let's see Amsoils. (Paying for it makes it dependent.)

And your filter analysis is wrong. I know it is what you have been taught, by a sales guy. Go get an MLA III and then talk to me.