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Reply to "Amsoil EAO vs PureONE"

Originally posted by GeeAea:
Gary Allan sells Amsoil just like Pablo does, and he even thinks the Pure One is a better Oil Filter than the Amsoil EaO.

No. I said that a PureOne is a good filter.

Read the protocols for determining Absolute filtering. George of CLS just couldn't communicate it well.

The EaO is a one year filter with up to 25k in that time span. I'd probably put the PureOne at being a one year filter with a 15k limit. I'd put M1 in the same bracket.

As the btanchors test began to show, the EaO started to come into line with the M1 @ about 10k.

That said, an EaO might not work out for you if you're doing lower mileage over ONE YEAR in terms of value. If a PureOne for $7 can do the job for 12-15k ..use it.

The EaO is a simple concept. Regardless of the true reasoning, the typical Amsoil recommendation was to change out the filter at 6 months to replenish the additives. It also refreshed the filter. As the oils advanced the road block to easier sales was the intermediate filter change. If someone had a difficult filter or wasn't a DIY'r the inconvenience might tip the scale to not buying an extended drain oil. The EaO eliminated that road block.

One year, oil and filter. Now since that's had longer term in the field, it appears that the EaO cannot cover all service profiles over that time span. Namely the Toyota/Lexus engines. They must have some dirty warm up cycle that loads the filter disproportionately, or so I reason.
Gary, do you really think the PureONE will last 15,000 miles? I understand this is a very highly restrictive filter and could go into bypass before then. Their website says "Purolator PureONE oil filters should be replaced every 3,000 miles or 3 months depending on the driving conditions - or unless otherwise specified by the vehicle's manufacturer." Are there any PureONE applications for cars that recommend 15,000 mile oil change intervals?

My Ford and Chevy list 3,000 mile oil change intervals for my severe use, so I would limit the PureONE filter for 3,000 miles, whereas AMSOIL recommends/warranties 15,000 mile/1 year oil and filter changes for the same service. So for the same or nearly the same filtering ability of both filters, the EaO would be 5 times better for me.
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