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Reply to "Amsoil EAO vs PureONE"

Originally posted by ADFD1:
I wouldn't write the P1 filter off just yet. P1 vs. EaO filters, my guess is for every EaO filter sold Purolator probably sells 1,000 filters. My point is a bad filter could have gotten by. I'm sure there are bad EaO filters too. Things happen, Toyota gas pedal recall ring a bell? Up until recently Toyota was highly respected.

As a side bar- Amsoil had issues with the EaO on Toyota vehicles.


I wrote the P1 off a long time ago. That's why I use the AMSOIL,..or the bosch distance which is basically an improved P1. I will also use the fram x2(10k filter) on occasion because it won't clog like the P1.

My top choices being amsoil,bosch distance, fleetguard stratapore,and m1 made by champion.

Advance auto or auto zone now sells the bosh distance. Cost is about $12 or $13 and well worth it.

The P1 is too restrictive,clogs too often, and bypasses. A $6 waste if you ask me and not worth the risk.