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Reply to "Amsoil EAO vs PureONE"

Originally posted by ADFD1:
I guess you're an Amsoil dealer? They make some fine products. My father and uncle are mechanics, used 1000's of Pure One filters, cut open their fair share of them too. No problems. For 1 year or 12,000 mile OCI's a Pure One or Mobil 1 filter would be up to the task, and probably trap more dirt than one EaO filter. We can respectfully have different views. Either way it would be tough to prove. JMO


You're missing the point with the amsoil filter. The question you have to ask is what is it doing at it's half life. Simple,it is filtering far better than the P1 overall....removing more dirt,smaller dirt particulates and with much less restriction across the media.

If you had for example....two cars side by side each driven say 150k. One with the P1 and the other with the EA amsoil filter changed at between 15k and 25k vs the pure one filter changed more often......

The engine with the amsoil depth filter would see less wear over the long haul and that is the ultimate goal in the first place.

Who wants to keep changing filters constantly if you don't need to? Why use a restrictive filter??

Remember,the P1 is not a depth filter...that's the has to be changed much more often because it clogs,resticts,and bypasses.

The best choice is always the depth filter with the backing support screen because it works far better over the long haul and doesn't bypass nearly as often. Ever cut one open?

There simply is no contest about which filter is better!

1000's of P1 filters. Who's the dealer now!!
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