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Reply to "Amsoil EAO vs PureONE"

Originally posted by Pablo:
So you think I drove people away from BITOG? That's pretty good.

Terry and I are friends. I can assure you that he didn't leave because of me. It's just more "stuff" from you. Pretty much getting old, I just think you have some continued odd bent. I'm just not sure why.

So this is not just directed at Pablo or anyone who would question me( please do I have no axe or product to promote except my core oil analysis interpretation business!). I'd say my track record is a good one.

Pablo you questioned my recommending RL, LC, etc. and then seeing lower than stellar results from BITOG posted data; well guess what?.... chemistries, raw materials, and formulations change. Cars change, fuels change, the product that worked last year well may be sucking wind today. The only reason you have known most of that is that DYSON ANALYSIS shared it here or on NORIA etc. for nearly 10 years.

Add the fact that the data you see at BITOG is NOT ALWAYS COMPLETE OR COMPREHENSIVE because it either can't be shared or no one paid for it to be shared.

I am still in the game , marbles on the table.

Pablo and others, to date I have not been paid one thin dime for working for RLI yet but I hope too soon. Kids need shoes for school starting here!



Pablo, so you and Terry are friends, you constantly slammed your friend over his association with Biosyn on the open board, if you really were Terry's friend you would have done everything in a PM, I am not buying what you are saying here about Terry.

I will Cut and Paste a Link so Noria members can see how good of a friend Pablo the Amsoil Salesman was with Terry Dyson.