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Reply to "Amsoil EAO vs PureONE"

Originally posted by Pablo:
Bear - Terry and I have had our public differences. So what? I call them as I see them. NO ONE is perfect. I think I was right about RLI. I raised legitimate questions and one thread does not unmake a friendship.

What is your TRUE agenda? You accuse me of being sneaky and stuff. I rarely send PM's, mainly just respond. I'm right in the open. I guess that's a bad thing now.

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Pablo, we know your agenda is to cause doubt with any product that is in competition with your Amsoil. It's funny, I did not see Terry mention Gary Allan's name, it seems in Terry's eyes that Gary stayed neutral, but you just have to stir the pot, don't you.

I agree that you are right about the RLI, but it would have been nice if you let other members hammer Terry's product that you accused him of pushing, I guess selling Amsoil is more important than your friendship with Terry.

My agenda is to show everyone the truth as to why you are here, and that is to push Amsoil Products.