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Reply to "Amsoil EAO vs PureONE"

Originally posted by Lamont B Dumont:
Amusing little "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" exercise, but are you guys aware that you're talking about passenger car engine filtration? It's not exactly a GE Frame 7FA. This is like the letters to Dear Abby where I find myself asking "Is that really the biggest problem you have? Can we trade lives?"

It's such a low severity application that really any filter you pull off of the shelf with the right gasket diameter & thread size will serve. There are guys who go to Home Depot & buy $200 worm-drive saws when all they are going to do is cut a coupla-three 2x4s. Is that saw "better" than a $50 Black & Decker? You can make that argument based on specs, but in this case paying 4x the price does not provide 4x the value.

I call it "Tim Allen Syndrome". You're all assuming that the highest level of overkill is called for in every application. A fool & his money are soon parted. The smart money tries to find the sweet spot.

Lamont...I do believe that it has been proven particulates in the range of 5-20 microns causes a good deal of the wear in engines,gearboxes,and transmissions.

Using a very good filter is always a good bet. There have been issues in the past with low quality filters causing excessive wear or even catastrophic failure in various applications.

Issue like excessive pressure drop across the media,leaky bypass valves/anti drain back valves,excessive bypass mode,torn media,and filters that have also fragmented into the engine are many of the reasons that just any filer will not always protect the engine.

Remember,filter technology is evolving and improving just like the lubes evolve and improve for good reason. It's technically proven to be necessary to keep up with high tech engine designs!

In any given time there will be numerous service bulletins listed because of various filter issues. Just ask lexus/toyota, or even VW for starters.

Much of this has to do with some of the sludge issue at hand I discussed in another thread in addition to direct filter issues involving quality issues.

It would be counterproductive to install a low quality filter in tandem with high quality oil on a modern day high tech engine.

I think it may be a stretch to use the term "low severity application" on an engine that costs many thousand of dollars........not to mention paying 15 bucks for a great filter vs 4.99 for a cheap filter roughly every 3-8000 definitely well worth the very insignificant cost difference.

The real money issue we all have is with the fuel tank and the cost of fuel!!!! In this case...big oil is not the fool!!
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