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Reply to "Amsoil Users"

Originally posted by Tim Vipond:
Since no one here seems to want to talk with you other than me, what specifically are you looking for?

Nobody wants to talk with me because nobody comes here except you, everytime I come on this site you are here, and you are the only one here. The only reason you are here is too try and get a sale, that is the only reason.

Since you want too sell me something, then I will give you a shot at a sale, BUT I DO NOT WANT TOO SEE ANY AMSOIL LINKS.

What would be a good oil for a 5000 mile OCI, and what oil filter would be a good option. So you can tell me what Amsoil motor oil and filter combination would be good without slamming the competition.

Another thing Tim, nobody else on here wants to talk with you.

Will you be visiting any other Message Boards today.