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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Originally posted by Trajan:
Nice how they list sludge problem engines.
And say: Remember—any car can suffer an oil sludge problem, and some manufacturers more than others due to various design differences

Good engine design, reasonable OCI, quality oil.

All of today's engines are very good/high tech engine design along with high tech emission designs so we can all breath easy.

More of the same can be said of future engine/emission designs which will challenge the crankcase oils even more so,but help keep the air clean,and get better economy!!

The issue is not defective engine design...just the opposite......very high tech state of the art designs meeting or exceeding all of the emission standards/economy for that model year which imposes a good deal of stress to the engine lube..oxidizing it that much faster as supported by the above links.

Engine design is not going to devolve by any will continue to evolve getting more highe tech with each passing year allowing for even lower emissions,more power,and better fuel economy.

The engine lubes will have to evolve just to keep pace or OCI's will be lower and lower like they have been as of late.

Cadillac/cts has just lowered their oci's on those models,and has been re-flashing the prom on vehicles in for service so the oil change monitor will decrement at a faster rate because of the very issues at hand...sludge. Other car makers are doing the same. By the way.....those cadillacs have very fast sports car engines if you ever drive one......very nice! Better use group IV of your choice though to keep those engines happy!!