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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Originally posted by Trajan:
So, in other words, you *don't* have a link to your latest claim.

Kindly post when you do. Would like to know before I buy a CTS.

Neither link shows that Cadillac, or anyone else, is reducing OCIs.

Many of the dealers are just telling customers to change the oil sooner then what the manual states when issues arise,not just Cadillac.

That is why car makers are pushing for increased oil address the issues. I don't understand why you continue to ignore those facts.

Your going to buy a CTS?? That would be great to see that you "buy American"

Took my 2004 Cadillac cts to the dealer today.

To make a long story short..

The Cadillac dealer service department told me today. The oil life monitor is a bad tool to use when deciding oil changing intervals. I had my oil changed 5000 miles ago. Oil life monitor indicated oil life 69%. I figured I could go at lest another 3500 miles before the next oil change. Not according to the dealer service advisor and an technician they advised me 3500miles regardless, the oil life monitor goes by the engines rpm and temperature and is only ruff yes I quote a ruff guide. I asked what the hell the oil life monitor is doing on GM vehicles and why GM is telling me different story. They had no answer, I said Amazing and left!

My question

Any of you on this forum been told this about the olm? I contacted GM, They stand behind the olm and suggested I continue to use the olm to service the vehicle. Yes I used the recommended Mobil 1 5W30 synthetic. And I will not return to this dealership again. Thank you in advanced.

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