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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Originally posted by Captain Kirk:
Originally posted by Trajan:
I'm not interested in what "dealers" are saying. I want the link to what mfgs are saying.

I also want the proof that car makers are pushing for what you claim.

I certainly haven't received any notice from a dealer to come in sooner than what the OCI already is.

GM 6094M is based on the same specifications as ILSAC GF-4 but additionally includes some specific GM requirements. GM 4718M is the GM high performance oil specification that goes well beyond the industry standard ILSAC GF-4 and API SM specifications. The Mobil 1 grades that carry GM 4718M have been fully approved and tested against GM 4718M. The companion Mobil 1 Extended Performance viscosity grades have not been formally approved against GM 4718M but will provide the performance at GM 4718M level. Engine testing required to get formal approval is limited to certain Mobil 1 products only.

This is for European cars including those imported to America:

This one comes from shell

This one talks about the politics behind the scenes in Europe and the U.S.

Pretty straight forward!!

Ummm, neither addresses what you claimed. Remember, Cadillac reducing the OCI?

The first in the series of non answers concerns the difference between API cert and ACEA.

You really should read it, as it does not support your "arguement" about bad oil.

I use ACEA cert oil. I don't care if it is API cert. If it isn't ACEA A3/B3, it doesn't go into my engine. I've made that clear on many occasions. ACEA isn't new you know.

The second concerns the use of low quality oil AKA non API/ACEA/Whatever certed. Like a certain oil we all know.

Still waiting for the proof for the CTS claim.

The overriding thing is that this thread is about a mower engine that uses mineral oil, and doesn't sludge.

The owner attributes that to a good engine design and use of certified oil and regular changes. The owner is also quite aware of what causes sludge.