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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Kirk, somewhere up there you said "You could buy the CTS and use AMSOIL for example to exceed even the European is why"

Is the Amsoil certified to meet the spec?

also, about the GM monitor, a couple of years ago I was at dinner during a conference, the owner of a well known lab was there too.

He knows the lady that headed the algorithm team and spoke highly of her and her efforts.

Good enough for me.

I would discount anything a dealer told me that increased their profit.

My Dodge 2500 came with a 7,500 OCI in the manual, they gave 4 coupons for oil changes at 6,000, and then pput a 3,000 sticker in the window.

Same people told my daughter they couldn't install the filter I sent her with, (Jeep) because it voids the warranty?

Yeah, I trust them. NOT!