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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Originally posted by Trajan:
Your "point" is irrelevant. The claim that cadillac was reducing OCIs was made by you.

You haven't backed it up yet.

And you will also explain the millions upon millions of engines running strong using what you claim is inferior oil.

Another claim you fail to prove.

This quote is not from me 'Nuke' it is again...

Here it is again...............

With the newer DI engines being harder and harder on oil due to fuel dilution, doesn't it make more sense to go back to the old 3,000 mile interval? Aren't we now seeing a lot of UOAs that show significant oil breakdown after only 3,000 miles?

Also, many of the newer GM 3.6 engines are showing chain stretch issues. I read on GMInsideNews that technicians believe that extended oil change intervals were partially to blame. The dirty oil has been causing issues with the chain tensioner and the camshafts. Some dealers, such as the one who employs MrCritical, have began recommending 5k intervals (no higher) on the GM 3.6 engines.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that with engines becoming more and more complex, some engines are starting to develop oil-related issues. Would reducing our service intervals back down to 3,000 miles help reduce some of these problems?

HOWEVER........I will say it again.........use a quality group IV/V oil and a microglass filter,or the new Bosch distance and you'll be fine.

Although...I think the Micro glass filter can tolerate higher heat in certain applications like hot running Vettes out west for example. The synthetic media I would guess is high tech...high temp, spun plastic fiber. Plastic might distort in some high performance hot running applications.