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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Originally posted by Captain Kirk:

Cadillac/cts has just lowered their oci's on those models,and has been re-flashing the prom on vehicles in for service

And the proof is where................

You haven't shown anything that proves oil is the culprit.

Car mfgs have been sued over sludge issues. Not because of oil, but for faulty designs or wrong recommendations. (Mercedes equipment telling people they could go up to 20K on mineral oil for example.)

This thread itself gives the nod to good engine design, along with quality oil, meaning API certified, and reasonable oil changes, for the lack of sludge.

I know that you're attempting a synlube push through the back door, but no one is buying it.

Group III oil, such as Castrol, works just fine. So does a quality filter.
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