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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Here is proof of a 100k mile oil change using Synthetic done by a known oil expert named Ray Potter from ford written up by Popular science. So much for all you skeptics over very extended oil change intervals. Try disproving this one guys. You can't!!! The science is real!!!

Sorry to blow the wind out of your sails!!!!

More proof why synthetic oil is just better.

In the same Popular Science article on synthetic oils, veteran race car
driver Smokey Yunick was quoted: "When you disassemble an engine that's
been run on petroleum oil, if you examine the rings and cylinder bores
with a glass you'll see ridges and scratches--that's the wear going on.
With polyol (a variety of synthetic), when you take the engine apart
everything has the appearance of being chrome-plated. In the engine we
ran at Indianapolis this year we used a polyol synthetic. When we tore
the engine down, you could still see the original honing marks on the wear at all. We put the same bearings back in because the
crankshaft never touched the bearings. I've never seen that before."
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