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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

This data has no bearing at all on the latest dino oils on the market....You Failed Again.

Prove that Trajen....I mean nuke.......I mean snakedotor............whatever.... just prove it!!!!!

The science hasn't change. The oil ran 100k then!!!!!!!! NO sludge even at 100k on a 'clunker engine' with a carb no less way back then. Sludge is happening TODAY from dino oil though!!!!

Originally Posted by VWTreads
You are correct, sludging problems in Europe are pretty much non-existent. It's also a fact that most synthetics in the USA are what's called a group III synthectic which is hydrocracked conventional base stocks. So basically they are just highly refined dino oils. In Europe it is not legal to market these base stocks as "synthetic". So sythetics in Europe are always true synthetics with PAO and Ester base stocks. Also very important is the european certifications for engine oils include a very intense 200+ hour sludge test. I recommend seeking and only buying oils with the VW certifications or the above mentioned Euro cert (A3/B3 in particular). This combined with 5000 mile oil changes and the use of a larger filter should be all that is needed to prevent serious sludging issues in the 1.8t. I'm not really sure gasoline differences have any real impact, as on a properly running engine you should find very very low percentages of fuel dilution in your engine oil.

Here is something up to date!!! Just gets even better!!!!! You asked for it!!!!



Prove me wrong!!!!! Your turn FOR YOUR PROOF.....and once again YOOOUUUUUU FAIL!!!!!!!
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