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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

I just noticed 9 ignored posts by Trajen/nuke..........all not worth reading or opening/showing.........because that one poster(trajen/nuke are the same)......always divert away from the actual facts and now flood this thread with whatever "trash talk" he is spewing again to serve is crazy agenda!!

He Must be a big oil straw boss/shill/troll!!!!

So why listen ever again to this 'character' due to the obvious political agenda he is trying to serve or push!

To spew distorted information!!!!

All I ever post/ed are the real scientific facts!

What/who do you want to believe??

The Facts without spin(what I have shown already)....or a straw man argument(Trajen/Nuke),with all kinds of spin!!

You be the Judge!