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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Originally posted by Captain Kirk:
I remember way back........someone wanted to know why big oil was not sued......think again......this tells a different story.

The oil in question is a group III.......not the true synthetic group IV/V.

The oil filter was also blamed. That's why I use only depth filters with the backing support screen,or the new Bosch Distance depth filter. In either case, a group three oil can sludge and then block the filter putting the blame on the filter when the oil was at fault all along.

This would not have happened with a 100% PAO/GROUP IV/V OIL. No sludge,and no blocked filters....period! Just a super clean engine.

This engine below wasn't so lucky with the group III oil. The opposite of super clean!!

Another fail for you. (BTW, I remember someone, not too long ago, saying "big oil" doesn't get sued. Some tripe about them being too big.

That same person should look up the word potential as well. I also wonder if that same person could explain the part colored in red. Guess that potential suit had no merit.)

"Mobil(e) 1's fault?!? Hardly, he's got ZERO case there. You don't have to be a Mobil fan to recognize that if it WERE a common contributor to sludge, we'd know about it here on BITOG. Its a perfectly adequate oil, and less likely to cause sludge than many, many other other oils out there." (It would be known here too.)

"He got the check cut from Nissan, not Mobil."

"The fact that Nissan is paying for the repair says to me that the cause was something within the engine or emissions control system"

You really should *read* these links first lad.

And, I know I'm asking the impossible, but you can prove M1 is a grp III? EM does not publicly discuss formulations.

Got that bulliten from GM that says the OCIs were reduced for the CTS?
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