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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Trajan, where's that vehicle you claim a neighbour of yours has that blew up from using Synlube?


You haven't backed up that claim Yet.

Ya, I know, you can't. Wink Wink

inHaliburton.....Very good point. But remember....Trajen only makes demands for proof,and never provides any of his own.

We are also still waiting for trajen to back his claim that Mercedes Benz was recommending oil change intervals of 20,000 miles on petroleum oil. He failed on that one as well

It's for reasons like mentioned above and all of trajens other lies and slander is why I have placed him on my IGNORE list along with his alter ego...Nuke..where he will stay until/IF he mans up and quits with his DRIVEL!!!

Snakedoctor.... being trajens other screen name is next to be ignored if he resurfaces with drivel as well.