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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

inhal has his own answer.

Originally posted by inHaliburton:
Blah blah blah. Yada yada yada. Gimme gimme gimme. You have to gimme this. You have to gimme that. I dewmand to know this. I demand to know that. You owe me this, you owe me that. I need instant gratification. I behave just like my spoiled rotten teeny bopper kid.
pages—of the same old crap. I'm too lazy to read. Same blenders from schools of higher learning and weekend driveway oil changers types asking the same dumb old stuff. Mud slingers at best.

Describes you to a T.

Add to that, a propensity to post things that have nothing to do with a topic. What does a Z4 with a sludged up engine, not blown up as you claim, caused by synlube have to do with the fact that the engine of the OP is nice and clean?

Then we have kurk. Claims oil is the cause of sludge, and yet posts links that show otherwise.

Then makes claims that using a Grp IV or V oil will prevent it. (Never mind the claims that M1 is not a Grp IV, something that again he can't prove.)

Makes that claim, and yet uses synlube. Miro must be ticked off by now.

And still, no back up for that CTS claim. Very typical.
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