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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Still haven't figured out why it uses oil every 8 hours or so. No fouling on plugs, muffler/exhaust has normal carbon, no external leaks.

Dave/trajan........The oil use is proof that the mower engine is worn and the oil is sneaking past the worn piston wrings from lack of high temperature protection that the dino/mineral oil failed to adequately provided compared to synthetic oil for a hot running air cooled engine.

Synthetic oil will give much longer life in a hot running air cooled engine. We are talking about 16-36 oz of oil give or take,so cost is nothing.

Using several ounces of oil over an 8 hour period is a very worn engine.

Now we can officially conclude the mower is worn out technically...even though it might still run......and by your own admission also had sludge and varnish to boot.

So much for Dino/mineral oil doing what you originally claimed it did for that engine.

The briggs engine on your mower tehcnically needs a rebuild to put it back into spec., otherwise you might anger Al Gore with all those pollutants being spewed into the air.

I had worn/tired mower engines years ago that ran on mineral oil........and they all used oil when they were worn out-of-spec...just like any other engine including a car engine.

My present mower engines...and car engines all use ZERO OIL,and have ZERO SLUDGE OR VARNISH running on my favorite synthetic oil. The oil dipsticks are shiny and bright...including the mower oil dipstick. The mower engine has virtually no carbon. I will have to get pictures of this to show.

My last mower fell apart around the perfect birggs engine with no oil changes over seven years of grass cutting. The oil dipstick was bright and shiny,and that engine also used ZERO OIL. 7 HP OHV BRIGGS.