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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Here is my cheapo Troy-Bilt 5550 Watt Generator. I bought it in May 2004 (just before Florida had 4 hurricane hits in the summer.) Has about 350 hours on it. First hurricane, house had no power for 10 days. Changed the factory fill after 2 straight days (48 hours). Changed again after 3 days, then again after the mains were restored. Only saw B&S warranty certified HD30 dino oil. A month later, power out for a week (7 days). Oil changed once during that spell. Again B&S oil. the next 2 'canes we had power out for about 8-10 hours. Need the genny as our septic system has an effluent pump. It ran a 28 cu ft refrigerator, microwave, little 6K BTU window A/C unit and other things during that time.

At least 2 times a month, I run it with about a 25 amp load. Starts on the second pull. First pull is a slow pull to get fuel to carb. Second is full on.

This is only a 10Hp OHV standard Briggs engine with splash/slinger lube.

It has only seen mineral based oil. Mostly B&S oil. Current fill is Pennzoil HD 30 wt. Has never seen any oil treatment. I do run SeaFoam or Sta-bil in the gas, as it sits for long times. I have also dumped old 40:1 2-cycle oil mix in it's tank. Has never had any additives in the crankcase. It has never seen synthetic oil either.

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