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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

And what engines would those be? You've made a great many claims, Almost all of which have been debunked.

From a locked thread at bitog called synlube 4 life, the results are here, (a thread which showed none.), to locked threads here.

From claiming that all those class action suits against Mercedes, Toyota, VW, et al were because of the oil, (of which you offer no proof.), to posting a great many threads about how oil is the cause of sludge, (all of which have been debunked. 19K on a 5w-30 in a turbo diesel and it's the oil's fault it sludged.)

And then, to top it all, the continuing, bogus, childish, accusation that all the people who don't buy into the nonsense you're selling are the same person. (As is typical of you, no proof.)

Should I mention the clean engines shown here. The ones that use mineral oil? The ones you can't explain.

Should I mention all the group III oils that are used day after day without problems?

Should I mention how your own links show time and time again that it's bad engine design, or idiot/cheap owners, and not what you claim?

Should I mention that not one car maker will use unrated oil? Or how the stuff you try to peddle can't even match the viscosity it claims to?

How you can't stay on topic? (we're still waiting for the explaination of what a fuel additive has to do with crankcase oil.)

How you only read bits and pieces and then post replies that don't hold up?

How you don't even read your own links? (Like the turbo diesel one? Or the one in which Nissan paid for engine repairs. All you saw in that one was again, someone blaming oil for owner/car maker stupidity. shame you had no comment.)

In short, you are a troll who thinks the only oil worth using is this unrated, unproven, inconsistent swill called synlube.)

And by now, you should have realized that no one is going to take any recommendation from you.

Unless they want to laugh.
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