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Reply to "API Mineral/Dino is not bad"

Originally posted by Nucleardawg:
No all my posts say...I like slapping dorks like you 2 turds.

In a battle of 2 turds come in unarmed and defenseless.

Now go back to what you do...'copy and paste' as you have no original thoughts of your own.

Those are just the facts

Here is an original thought......Nulcleardork can't deal with the facts and/or the truth if it doesn't fit with his primitive brain and it's crude level of thinking!

So this is an opinion thread only according to you,where only your opinions are allowed,and no one dares disagree with the dawg using facts with fact based links. Only dogma,opinion, and lies are permitted so as to bash the thinking ones who bring all the facts. Burn the books back in the medieval days is your take,and also kill the messenger.

Facts are not allowed nor are the hyperlinks to support those facts with even more facts is what you're saying,unless of course you happen to agree with the initial assertion,which in my case you never do,just because it's me, and you have personal issues with me and that's your issue,not mine. How is the heartburn doing!


Opinions are fine if they have the facts to support them,as I have done many times over,and you don't like it.......too bad! What's the matter,can't handle the truth!

Nuke,you are the doll with the pull string,and now I just pulled your string again......and now we will see and listen to more mindless chatter from you,nuke,I am sure of it,since, I have not heard one original fact based post from you ever.