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Reply to "Are Viscosity Index Improver Polymers all that bad?"

Originally posted by vsssarma:
The SAE Viscosity grade that you have to use is to be taken from the engine manual. The engine manufacturer knows what thickness of oil is to be used. Further, the Viscosity Grade is also dependent on the ambient temperatures, the lowest and the highest. See the following: SAE rating is the best

That list is a load of something a bull does without a toilet.

And of course, it touts its own oil.

0w-60 the most expensive? Really? Castrol TWS 10w-60 is IIRC about $11-$12/qt at a BMW dealer. 1/3 the price of synlube, and a proven oil to boot.

The best? I'd use M1 5w-50. Both API and ACEA rated, unlike the swill lube.
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