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Originally posted by Buster:

Fran Lockwood on GF-4. "No issues with oil robustness.".

Kirk stop spreading false, exaggerated information. LOL

What have I said that is false,or exaggerated. I have only shown what is already out on the net as.........FACT........BUSTER!!!!!!

Perhaps you may not agree with the information or the facts,but that does not make it wrong,or exaggerted. I find your remarks offensive and out of line.

The facts I have presented are plain and simple. New standards are arriving soon and dexos is a higher standard. GF-5 will not be a long drain interval lube. The shell link pasted by dave shows oil with almost 15% noack volatility. Too high for my standards based on what's available. Amsoil for example is about 5-7%. The lube I use is 4%. Why do I want to use motor oil that evaporates out of my engine? What will 15% volatility motor oil do....... during the summer on long hard runs.....evaporate out of your engine......and load up, or maybe even clog your pcv system.......LOL.

What issue do you have with those facts?

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