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Originally posted by Captain Kirk:
Originally posted by Deltona_Dave:
Who says I am being cheap? I run a decent oil, change every 5K and take the used oil for recycling. My Titan did not cost 40K BTW. 15K, it was a fleet vehicle I bought at auction. I also take almost 8 quarts of oil.
I run Redline oil in the differential and Amsoil in the Tranny. Why spend the extra $ for something I will change out every 6 months or so? Yes, I am old school, and it is my preference. I don't think Pennzoil conventional is "bare minimum". Store brands maybe. The Titan does not perform any differently with Syn or conventional oil.

Dave.......According to your own words.......just a few months stated your truck/titan does run better/cooler with synthetic oil.......just wanted to remind you of what you said. Did something change from only February of this year when your truck ran cooler/better with synthetic oil?

Here is your link

Did you not read that I was using Mobil 1 before switching to Pennzoil Platinum? Last I heard, Mobil 1 was a synthetic oil... I started using Platinum due to the fact that I was given several cases of it. Mobil 1 made my top end a little noisy. Yes, the coolant temp went down a little, not much with platinum.

No, I am not Trajan/nuke. I am me.

About the Mower. Yes, in my first post, I had a little varnish on the dipstick, and was concerned that i was getting some sludge. I had not pulled the valve covers off at that time. I went with some of the board posters suggestions to try a motorcraft filter and maybe a different HDEO. I also asked if I should go with a synthetic oil or use an additive. At least over there, I can ask a question and do not get bashed over it.

I never used an engine flush, nor a synthetic oil, except for a top-off one time. The Delvac 1300 that is in it now seems to have cleaned the little bit of varnish that was there to a point. It still uses oil, not as much, but still have to top off about every 8 hours of use. BTW, there still is some bits of varnish on the rocker nuts, just not visible in the pics. The B&S engine is not spotless, but clean enough. I still need to pull the heads and de-carbon the pistons/combustion chambers.

You are the one that states you use Synlube in your vehicles. Does it meet Motorcraft and Daimler Chrysler specs? Hope it does if you need power train warranty claims.

You can can discredit me, that's fine. I am human, I make mistakes and forget things (I am getting old).

I still work on over 250 CVPI's for the Sheriff's Office, that are assigned to patrol division. They only see conventional oil changes every 5K. After 5 years of service and an average of 100K on the Odo, the engine camshafts are still clean.

Dave. Not Trajan or anyone else.