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Originally posted by Captain Kirk:
Trajen/nuke/dave/etc.etc...........Get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're Busted as a liar for the whole world to see!!!


I post only the facts and the truth.....that's how I caught you and your lies......with the facts!!!! The facts never lie........only you do!!!! Now we have proof of who you are,and that you are a liar!!!

By the way.........synthetic oil is better!!! Dino/mineral causes sludge...even in mower engines...... The facts say so!!


So when are you going to act like it is?

No one but you barely reads a post before replying.

No one but you posts links that fail to support a position.

No one but you gets bent out of shape when they're called on called on it.

No one but you fails to understand that this board is not made of sychophants.

No one but you continues to support a hopeless position.

No one but you makes blanket statements that just don't hold up.

No one but you accuses those who dare to not treat your pronouncements as sacrosant of posting under different names.

No one but you is calling people liars because they don't take what you've been posting as the Holy Grail.

You really are pathetic. Especially when it comes to the fact of spreading false allegations when you "facts" are refuted again and again.

Your links:

Want to explain why is it the oil's fault when the idiot went 19,000 miles on 5w30 in a diesel with EGR?

From one of your google bombs :

A long list of causes that refute your oil claim.

Once again, another of your "facts" refuted. Notice the long list of sludgers. I noticed that you never answered why none of my engines never sludged.

That link you declared was about sludge. And yet, the word is not there.

Here's one of my favorite.

Here he claims it's the oil. And says "big oil" gets sued. (Despite his claim that they don't.)

But if you read through it, not only is there no lawsuit, but Nissan picks up the tab for the repair. Not something you would do if it wasn't your fault.

Just a small sample of your repeated nonsensical claims.

As I said, no room to question someone elses's credibility.
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