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Originally posted by Trajan:
I kind of think that Dexos will lead to problems.


Once your 2011 is out of warranty, what are the odds the average person is going to go to a dealer to get the oil.

They'll do what most do. Go to Iffy Libe. And when problems start to come up, you'll see some people do the usual "It's the oil's fault" speil instead of putting the blame where it belongs. The idiot car owners.

Trajen.......Wow!!!'re finally acknowledging what I have been saying all along........bulk oil causes issues with car engines. Took you long enough for you to come around and admit that historical fact!

Moreover, iffy lube installing the wrong oil as you state...........would make iffy lube the idiot and not the motorists!!.......Gee, that's never happened before!

But you are correct,if bulk oil is installed instead of dexos motor oil(dexos beats GF-5 oil standard),there will be issues with those engines just like in the past......even if the bulk oil is changed every 2,000 miles. The bulk oil still won't match the performance of dexos.

However,it's already in the works for the dexos to be sold everywhere over time,so I suspect years from now when warranties run out.......even 'iffy lube' will have it in stock. I don't see very many issues the way you are claiming,otherwise, iffy lube will be replacing many engines.......they are good at that I am told,so you could be correct in that regard!