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This is the very reason why new standard are on the way.

<<<The OEM proprietary ratings are significantly more stringent than anything API or ILSAC has to offer. API and ILSAC have failed to respond to the OEMs need for better lubricants. OEM proprietary approval and/or ACEA approval is required to insure proper protection to a rapidly growing number of vehicles.>>>>>>

This above statement is exactly what I am talking about. The minimum standard is simply not good enough,never really was, and the minimum oil standard led to most of those sludged up damaged engines that wound up burning the motorists bank accounts or caused the law losses......Billions!

Who lost...........YOU DID,not big oil,not even the OEM. The consumer always losses,and never gets bailed out.

The OEMS are fed up with the politics with oil lube standards and now are doing something about it proactively...........creating a much better lube standard for those engines.

Who wins..........the consumer....that would be YOU.

How do you win?.......far less oil changes,longer engine life,less/or far fewer oil/lube issues,no sludge,no excess wear,less warranty claims,lower cost,etc,etc.etc.