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Originally posted by Captain Kirk:
Originally posted by Trajan:
I kind of think that Dexos will lead to problems.


Once your 2011 is out of warranty, what are the odds the average person is going to go to a dealer to get the oil.

They'll do what most do. Go to Iffy Libe. And when problems start to come up, you'll see some people do the usual "It's the oil's fault" speil instead of putting the blame where it belongs. The idiot car owners.

Trajen.......Wow!!!'re finally acknowledging what I have been saying all along........bulk oil causes issues with car engines.

No, what you've been saying all along is that oil, what you call inferior oil, that isn't group IV/V/swilllube is what causes problems. And you've been proven wrong time and time again.

And yes, swill lube 4 life causes sludge too. Like in a certain Murano owned by some guy named budman..

Good Lord son, your own links, posted time and time again, show that it's poor engine design/owner stupidity that causes sludge.

(it's my understanding that most dealers use bulk oil too.)

As you missed it, I'll spell it out for you. When I said some people will cry "It's the oil's fault", I meant YOU.

Because you do blame the oil. You've claimed the class action suits over sludge were because of oil. Yet have failed to show that they were aimed at the oil companies.

Links, that I've pointed out again and again, that you claimed were about sludge caused by oil, were debunked by me. Or anyone who bothered to read them. (Nissan payed for an rngine repair, one you blamed the oil for? Or the idiot who went 19K miles in his Ford diesel with the wrong oil, and you blamed the oil, not the owner?)

Let me make it clear. Dexos will cause problems because people will go to a lube change place, or go buy cheaper from a retail store. Most people don't know or care to know the difference between SA and SM.

BTW, I've used Iffy Lube. Never had a problem. I stopped when they annoyed me.

They will post on various boards such as this. And whine and moan about how crappy a UOA is. Or how their valve train looks a mess.

And people such as you will crow and blame the oil. Never once reading far enough to see that they ran the oil way over the OCI. Or used a CE oil in a motor calling for CH-4.

As if it's never the owner's fault.

Any clearer now?
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