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Like in a certain Murano owned by some guy named budman..

Trajan....There you go again bringing up synlube. You must love the stuff. I spoke to budman and he told me that the Murano had many,many issues,so he traded it in.

He purchased a brand new saturn and installed synlube in that car too,and installed it in his other car as well. Now why would he do that? Because he knows it's very good oil,like I do.

<<<This is budman posting about the saturn
This sample came from MY REAL car (Saturn) that had 20,xxx miles on it at time of sample. In another thread somewhere on this forum I posted pictures of me installing synlube back in early 2008 when I bought the car and it had 1149 miles on it (i have pic of odometer at the time as well on my PC). It has gone through two filter changes since then as well as topping up with their ADD oil when needed. 19,011 miles on this sample and more everyday since it is still in my car.>>>>

No sludge here as well also from budman.............doesn't get any better than this..My cars also look just like the photos in the link below.

Budman's remarks:

Engine runs great, uses about 1/8 qt of oil per year (short trips probably most of it) and from what I can see, looks clean inside the fill hole.
I have tried to remain as neutral as possible and not take sides. I am not here to try to convince anyone to use or not use it but rather give an objective report as best I can. The Murano, I felt, had nothing to do with my choice of oil. It was cursed with issues to the point even with dino in it, was causing dealer visits. That is why I was willing to try Synlube again for my two new cars.

NO sludge in any of my cars now pushing 10 years with said lube you love to keep bringing up,over,and over again.

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