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Originally posted by Trajan:
It must be frustrating. No auto maker uses unrated, unproven oil in their vehicles.

Must be frustrating that most of them use dino oil for their low/mid range vehicles.

Must be frustrating that, for example, Porsche factory fills with Mobil 1. BMW with Castrol, or Ferarri uses Shell.

Must be galling that despite your claims, dino or Grp III oils are being used by thousands upon thousands of vehicles with no problems.

The only people frustrated and galled as you say are the ones with engine issues,such as excess wear, excess sludge,and even ruined engines that need replacement.

However,I am quite delighted,and not the least bit frustrated as you claim...because my engines are on a strict diet of premium synthetic oil and all run perfect.

This is a pasted section of a link from hughes engine re-builders discussing all the issues with modern day lubes and how even the Japanese are way ahead and we are "trying" to catch up with their lubricant technology,not to mention the European standard as well.


<<<<The Japanese have better (slicker) oils that still protect flat tappet cams, they are good enough
that they can even improve fuel mileage and protect that cadillac thing. With all the pressures from the environmentalists on our so-called elected representatives in Congress, along with $3.00 a gallon gasoline, t he oil companies are doing lots of research on improving oils to catch up with the Japanese . One of the additives that may prove to be the answer is called molybdenum carbamate. This moly is soluble so it mixes with the oil and stays in suspension. It is very slippery like its cousin the gray stuff and it actually sticks to, or plates up, on metal parts as opposed to zinc phosphate, that does not stick to the metal. In the start and stop situations that our cars go through it is actually better than zinc phosphate. Some race only oils may have super high amounts of the zinc phosphate that is fine for a 500-mile race where the engine is never shut off.

Why, you ask, isnt this moly carbamate used in some oils now, if it is so good? Two answers: 1) price, and 2) it is used in some industrial oils where use is more severe and the quality of oils make a real difference. As to cost, the oil companies have been getting by with the crap they have been selling if it aint broke dont fix it!>>>>>>

The API has definitely been trailing behind the advancement of engine technology and that is why most Euro car makers have developed their own oil specifications,and now dexos is following that lead. ACEA and the Euro car makers currently have the best auto oil specs along with engine performance and longevity. It's time for the U.S. and API to get up to speed,and that is what dexos is all about.

The dexos will be backward compatible,rendering the other oil standards the very least, antiquated, if you think about it.

However,In my particular case,I have been using motor oil for years now that is held at least to the highest standards mentioned above.

Any premium group IV synthetic will easily meet and exceed even the toughest standards,and has been doing so for many years now. I like to be ahead of the curve,not behind it.

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