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Originally posted by Captain Kirk:
Originally posted by Nucleardawg:
Thanks for the compliment Dave...I do have plans for it. Would like to go through the suspension and update it...Ecklers offers a system for around $2900 that includes a rack and pinion update. ..Would like a older car that corners like it's on rails.

Would also like to build a mildly fast street car in the range of 350-400 HP. Like all my vehicles it will be cared for. I actually like detailing the paint and interior.

Again many thanks...Nuke

As usual......change the subject when you can't deal with the hard core facts!!

P.S. What's it like talking to all your different personalities???

Facts like PYB meets GF-5. And a dino oil at that.

Something you claim isn't possible w/o it being a synth blend.

What's that oil that is neither API, or ACEA, or ILSAC rated.... Oh yeah, synlube.

How about the fact that it's the organizations named on page 1 that set the standarts, not, as you claim, big oil.

Still making those baseless accusations I see.

Nuc, make sure you use the right oil. If it has a flat tappet camshaft, (and I don't know if they do or not.), you'll want to us "SL" rated oil. Then again, it is a '75, so it may not. (ZDDP is bad for a cat.)
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