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Originally posted by Trajan:
yeah, sure annie. I'd take something from someone called "Name witheld." seriously.

By your logic, all those attempts by people claiming the miro who killed his parents is the same one who pushed synlube must be true.

And, I guess when the reports are posted there of one miro/kirk/whoever pushing this synlube ripoff, ranging from how one never has to change their oil to the use of mail drop offs, multiple address, and the recently exposed lie of operating out of Mercury NV, you of course be posting that link too.

Since you stuck your beak in with yet another off topic post, perhaps you can do what your other persona fails to do.

Why does a dino PYB meet GF-5?

Why can't this synlube meet anything?

This is the way most people with half a brain see you as


Maybe the moderators finally banned the nucleardawg persona,finally-hopefully!! If not.........please do so..he is way too foul for any forum!!! He pollutes this forum with his stench!!

Moreover,You are one sick individual who obviously has no life at all,other then posting crazy talk on this and other forums.

It's official...........You are a NUTJOB!!!!
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