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Originally posted by annie_oakley:
Originally posted by Trajan:
So, what you're saying is.......... you can't answer.

Since you can't provide the answer, or ask any kind of question that is of relevance to the topic, or even act with any kind of decorum.....

Why are you here?

Trajan/nucleardawg/adf1/deltona_dave/snakedoctor/etc.etc. ...

Answer what,and to whom,a nutjob like you....who never answers any questions,never has anything to offer,but only remarks with foul and vile comments. Why don't you answer the above link,for once, that makes nuke/you look very suspiscious! I have nothing to hide,unlike you!

WHY ARE YOU HERE,TRAJAN?........All the other posts,not including yours...or those from your other screen names, provide useful,factual information that helps people make intelligent decisions that you always detrack. I say you are here just for that purpose,to detrack us from useful,helpful information............your mission has failed sir!!!

I will continue using what you like to call,"swill lube",because it works better than anything I have used to date. That's all I need to know.

After reading this thread,I would also use if I ever needed to,the dexos discussed,because I can see it will be a very good product,however,for now,I am fine with my present motor oil,thank you very much!

Still waiting for something intelligent that makes sense from Trajan.

Since no one responded or defended the above link showing that nuke/tajan is a very disturbed person and lives on the net harassing people.........this alone would confirm it to be the truth!

Here it is again, for all to see who/what you are...posters,please read the entire link...nucleardawag is discussed in this link which we all know is trajan,etc.etc.

Or is this you,trajan/nuke...dawg! on the link below...and may the real trajan...please step forward!!!