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Originally posted by Trajan:

You tell me, as that thread had nothing to do with GF-5 oil. Unlike this one. One you have yet to add anything worth while.

1: Read the questions asked above. Specifically the one if any GF-5 oils will be A3/B3.

2: Said thread was not about GF-5 oil, unlike this one. Wonder what said locked thread has to do with this one.

3: Perhaps I can post said picture here, and ask the question, "Will there be any GF-5 oil that will be ACEA A3/B3 that will be useable?"

4: I could do that. But it would yet be another question that will be way above your comprehension level. Par for the course really.

You really should follow your own advice in your last sentence. Pathetic little troll.

You have some nerve asking Annie to answer more of your usual inane stuff, and insulting her by calling her a "pathetic little troll." You come across as a pathetic chauvinistic male who can't take any lip from females. Not unexpected considering your background. It's obvious from your response that Annie has really cheesed you off. That's funny to me.

Answer this first. It was put to you months ago. You used to do this to Miro ad nauseum.

As is normal for Trajan, he ignores the question and won't respond.

Trajan also showed us that he's a liar.

As we all know, when does a liar tell the truth? You can't tell. Where's that engine that your virtual neighbour has that was sludged-up by using Synlube?

Well? Well? Well?