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Blah, blah, blah. The three of you are great talkers.

Nucleargonewhacko tells all what a decent, upstanding citizen he is and the wonderful prose he posts over on BOB. What a wonderful specimen of a human being. We aren't to form an opinion about him from his post on NORIA, but his posts on BOB. How convenient. Let's all dash over there and have a look. That will tell us what he is really like. Not the moron that he portrays to everyone on this Board. What a man.

Here's a post of his just yeserday:

Inhaliburton= Larry Captain Kirk= Curly Annie=Moe

Together of course we have the 3 stooges...Of course whats even funnier than a 'man' who pretends to be a woman...Is a 'man' who has 3 identities. 'Synnners' it turns out are just one old 'goober'.

Miro SAY 'HI' to your woman for me OK bud. HAHAHAHA...MIRO YOU ARE SIMPLY A JOKE...I just love slamming this turd of a 'man'

Yes, yes, we know, this isn't really you. We drove you to it. All we have to to is go over to BOB to find the real, wonderful you.

And Trajan, alias the Stalker. The ladies' man. What a dud he has turned out to be. To wit:

To wit again:

What a handsome guy. Must have taken you days posing to get that pic of yourself. So many intelligent tweets.

You have some nerve asking Annie to answer more of your usual inane stuff, and insulting her by calling her a "pathetic little troll." You come across as a pathetic chauvinistic male who can't take any lip from females. Not unexpected considering your background. It's obvious from your response that Annie has really cheesed you off. That's funny to me.

Answer this first. It was put to you months ago. You used to do this to Miro ad nauseum.

As is normal for Trajan, he ignores the question and won't respond.

Trajan also showed us that he's a liar.

As we all know, when does a liar tell the truth? You can't tell.

Where's that engine that your virtual neighbour has that was sludged-up by using Synlube?

Well? Well? Well?

Dave, if you think that Anni Oakley is Captain Kirk, perhaps you should go back to police college for a refresher course.